Flat Earth Thinking in Applied Information Technology

By | January 25, 2006

Peter S. Tippett, MD, PhD, gave a special Health Services Research Seminar on Friday, January 27, “Flat Earth Thinking in Applied Information Technology.” His talk addressed several contemporary issues in the use of health information technology for patient care and research.
Dr. Tippett is widely recognized as an information security visionary. He currently serves as a member of the President`s Information Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC) to help guide the Bush administration`s efforts in the development and adoption of health information technologies. Dr. Tippett received both his MD and PhD degrees from Case Western Reserve University and was a resident in Medicine at MetroHealth. Incidentally, not long after leaving MetroHealth, Dr. Tippett sold his cyber-security software Ð now called Norton Anti-Virus Ð to Symantec. (posted 2/2006)Peter S. Tippett, MD, PhD