Votruba Awarded Nord Foundation Grant for Curriculum Development in Health Economics

By | August 2, 2003

Mark E. Votruba, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics and Medicine at CWRU and Director of the Center`s Health Economics Unit, received a one-year grant from the Nord Foundation to develop an innovative curriculum in health economics. The grant, titled “Economics Paradoxes in United States Health Policy”, will be developed over the 2003-04 academic year with a series of cross-disciplinary seminars to be offered as part of the Methods Series in the Center`s Health Services Research Seminar. Mark will be aided in course development by an Oversight Committee consisting of Center faculty Randall D. Cebul, M.D. and Neal V. Dawson, M.D. as well as other faculty in Weatherhead`s Department of Economics, including Frank Tracy Carlton Professor and Chair James B. Rebitzer, Ph.D. and John Mannix Associate Professor Avi Dor, Ph.D. A brief description of the project follows, from the abstract to the proposal to Nord:

“We will develop an innovative curriculum in modern economic analysis for health care researchers by emphasizing economic paradoxes in U.S. health care policy. This curriculum will be unlike standard health economics courses that concentrate on narrowly-focused models and economic efficiency. Instead, our policy-oriented course will engage students on the role economic forces play in creating disparities and inefficiencies that are at odds with common social values, and on the frequently adverse economic consequences of health policies that are at odds with these values. The course will provide a unique opportunity for students to apply economics to health policy analysis and bridge chasms in methodology and jargon that exist between health service researchers, health economists, and health policy-makers.”