Propensity Scores Materials from the Biostatistics and Evaluation Unit

This page houses some materials on the use of propensity score methods developed by Thomas Love and the Biostatistics and Evaluation group at the Center for Health Care Research and Policy.

The two key items in place here are a spreadsheet used to complete sensitivity analyses related to propensity score matching, and a description of that spreadsheet and its use.

Sensitivity Analysis Spreadsheet 2016-01-30

Description of the Sensitivity Analysis Spreadsheet

Citation for this material: Love TE (2008) Spreadsheet-based sensitivity analysis calculations for matched samples. Center for Health Care Research & Policy, Case Western Reserve University.
Available online at

Dr. Love gave a series of educational workshops on the subject of propensity scores for the American Statistical Association. The materials for the most recent of those workshops (held in Georgia on January 30, 2016) are found at this link.

Most of the material located here in the past associated with various workshops done by Center faculty is still available from Dr. Love directly via the miracle of email. You’ll find him at Thomas dot Love at case dot edu.