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Richard McCormick PhD

Consultant, Clinical Psychologist

Notable Papers:

  • LS Massey, KL Barry, MA Walton, HM Walters, ASB Bohnert, MA Ilgen, JA Cranford, RA McCormick, M Valenstein, FC Blow. Mission Strong: Characteristics of Soldiers Misusing Alcohol in the Michigan National Guard. RSA, New Orleans, LA 2016
  • Gunzler, D, Sajatovic, M, McCormick, R Perzynski, A, Thomas, C, Kanuch, S, Cassidy, C, Athey, M, Fuentes-Casiano, E, Dawson, D, Psychiatric Services, In Press. Psychosocial Features of Clinically Relevant Patient Sub-groups with Serious Mental Illness and Comorbid Diabetes
  • Sajatovic M, Gunzler D, Dawson N, McCormick R., Einstadter D. (2015) Clinical characteristics of individuals with serious mental illness and type 2 diabetes. Psychiatric Services. Feb 1; Vol. 66 (2), pp. 197-9.
  • Consultant “Preventing Alcohol/Prescribed Drug Misuse in the National Guard: Web and Peer BI", Fred Blow, Ph.D. PI, NIAAA, 2014-2018.
  • Co-Investigator " Early App-based Intervention to Reduce Alcohol Misuse and Abuse in the Ohio Army National Guard” Joseph Calabrese, M.D. and Fred Blow, Ph.D. PI’s. Department of Defense MOMRP Research Program, 2014-2019

Biographical Info

Dr. McCormick is a Senior Scholar at the Center for Health Care Research and Policy at Metro Health/Case Western Reserve University. He serves as a scientific advisor and co-investigator/consultant for three Department of Defense and NIAAA funded studies on returning service members, and served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine Committee on PTSD Treatment for Service Members and Veterans. Dr. McCormick served, before retirement, as Director of Mental Health Services for Veterans Affairs facilities in Ohio (VISN10). Since retirement from VA he has served as a member of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Special Task Force on Mental Health, and as Co-Chair of the Active Duty Sub-Committee of the Department of Defense’s Task Force on Mental Health. He serves as a national mental health consultant to Disabled American Veterans. His research interests include war related trauma and stress reactions, substance abuse and other disorders of impulse control, serious mental illnesses, hazardous uses of substances, and eHealth interventions. Dr. McCormick received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Case Western University

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