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Randall D Cebul MD, FACP

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Professor Emeritus, Department​s​ of Medicine​ and Population and Quantitative Health Sciences​ Senior Scholar, Center for Health Care Research & Policy Past President and CEO, Better Health Partnership
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Notable Papers:

  • Clancy CM, Cebul RD, Williams SV. Guiding individual decisions: A randomized, controlled trial of decision analysis. Am J Med 1988; 84:283-290.
  • Love TE, Cebul RD, Einstadter D, et.al. Electronic medical record-assisted design of a cluster randomized trial to improve diabetes care and outcomes. J Gen Intern Med. 2008; 23(4): 383-91. Best Paper, 2009, American Medical Informatics Association.
  • Cebul RD, Love TE, Jain AK, Hebert CJ. Electronic health records and quality of diabetes care. N Engl J Med. 2011; 365:825-33. Best Paper, 2011, Am. Medical Informatics Assoc; 2012, International Medical Informatics Association
  • Cebul RD, Rebitzer JB, Taylor LJ, Votruba ME. Unhealthy insurance markets: search frictions and the cost and quality of health insurance. American Economic Review 2011; 101:1-33.2012 Kenneth Arrow Award; Best Paper in Health Economics of the International Health Economics Association.
  • Kaelber DC, Waheed R, Einstadter D, Love TE, Cebul RD. Use and perceived value of Health Information Exchange: one public healthcare system's experience. Am J Manag Care. 2013; 19: SP337-SP343.

Biographical Info

As Director of the Center of Health Care Research and Policy, I have a strong commitment to its two-fold mission to use multi-disciplinary methods to improve the care and value of health care delivery and to lead educational programs that promote these goals. Center faculty use northeast Ohio as a learning laboratory to these ends. This approach generates actionable and generalizable knowledge for other large urban areas throughout the nation. My grounding in primary care, quantitative methods, and the design and evaluation of clinical decision support tools help me contribute best to the Center’s population health and research informatics programs. My leadership in northeast Ohio’s health improvement collaborative – Better Health Partnership – provides researchers access to a large and diverse network of providers and other stakeholders who are committed to improving health care and outcomes at affordable costs. Mining the related clinical and socio-demographic data has enabled us to inform policy and achieve these goals.

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