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Neal V Dawson MD

Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology and Biostatistics
R239A 216 778 3901



Notable Papers:

  • Perzynski AT, Terchek J, Blixon C, Dawson NV. Playing the numbers: How hepatitis C patients create meaning and make health care decisions from medical test results. Sociology of Health and Illness. Sociology of Health and Illness 2013;35:610–627 PMID: 23009649.
  • Myers SA, Waters TP, Dawson NV. Fetal, neonatal, and infant death and their relationship to best gestational age for delivery at term: Is 39 weeks best for everyone? Journal of Perinatology 2014;34:503-7.
  • Sajatovic M, Gunzler D, Einstadter D, Thomas C, McCormick R, Perzynski AT, Kanuch S, Cassidy K, Dawson NV. Clinical characteristics of individuals with serious mental illness and type 2 diabetes. Psychiatric Services 2015;66:197-9. PMCID: PMC4315335
  • Dalton JE, Dawson NV, Sessler DI, Schold JD, Love TE, Kattan MW. Empirical treatment effectiveness models for binary outcomes. Medical Decision Making 2016;36:101-14
  • Gunzler D, Sajatovic M, McCormick R, Perzynski A, Thomas C, Kanuch S, Cassidy KA, Athey M, Fuentes-Casiano E, Dawson N. Psychosocial features of clinically relevant patient sub-groups with serious mental illness and comorbid diabetes. Psychiatric Services 2016 (in press) PMCID: PMC

Biographical Info

Dr. Dawson is an internationally known research scientist in the areas of clinical epidemiology, decision science, medical decision making and health services research (T3 and T4). He is a General Internal Medicine physician who has led and co-led large nationally funded multi-site, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary studies since 1988 (PI and PI/PD for studies of end of life care, alcohol screening, alcohol use and hepatitis C). Most recently he is co-PI of an RCT based investigation of an intervention designed to help patients with both serious mental illness and diabetes mellitus enhance their levels of self-management of both illnesses. He has more than 155 scientific publications and has an h-factor of 43. Since 2004 he has been mentor to three K-12 scholars and three KL-2 scholars. Throughout his career, he has been mentor to more than a dozen Masters and PhD thesis students as well as numerous residents and medical students.

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