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Mary Jo Roach PhD

Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spinal Cord Injury Program Manager
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Notable Papers:

  • Velligan D, Roberts DL, Sierra C, Fredreck MM, Roach MJ. What Patients with Severe Mental Illness Transitioning from Hospital to Community Have to Say About Care and Shared Decision Making. Issues in Mental Health Nursing. 2016. 37(6); 400-405.
  • Kelley M, Roach MJ, Banerjee A, Steinmetz MP, Claridge JA. Functional and long-term outcomes in severe traumatic brain injury following regionalization of a trauma system. J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2015 Sep;79 (3):372-7.
  • Roach MJ, Nagy JA, Mejia, M, Nemunaitis, G. Preventive Health Care Among Community Dwelling Persons with SCI. PM&R. 2013 Jun: 5(6): 17-24.
  • Nemunaitis G, Roach MJ, Claridge J, Mejia M. Early Predictors of Functional Outcome following Trauma. PM&R Journal. 2016. Apr 8(4):314-20.
  • PM Sanders, Ijzerman MJ, Roach MJ, Gustafson KJ. Patient preferences for next generation neural prostheses to restore bladder function. Spinal Cord. 2011. Jan 49(1); 113-119.

Biographical Info

As an Urban and Medical Sociologist, I take a population perspective in my research with a special interest in how neighborhood structures affect the health and well-being of those groups living in within the neighborhood. My research has primarily focused on persons with traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). In addition, I have a keen interest in utilizing clinical health informatics to improve the quality of care and improve health outcomes for persons with a disability.

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