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Douglas D Gunzler PhD, MA

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Assistant Professor of Medicine, KL2 Scholar
R235A 216 778 2764


Notable Papers:

  • Gunzler D Morris N Perzynski A Ontaneda D Briggs F Miller D Bermel R Heterogeneous Depression Trajectories in Multiple Sclerosis Patients. Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders 2016, 9, 163-169.
  • Gunzler D Perzynski A Morris N Bermel R Lewis SA Miller D Disentangling Multiple Sclerosis and Depression: An Adjusted Depresssion Score for Patient-Centered Care. Journal of Behavioral Medicine 2015, 38(2), 237-250.
  • Gunzler D Morris N A Tutorial for Structural Equation Modeling for Analysis of Overlapping Symptoms in Co-occurring Conditions Using MPlus. Statistics in Medicine 2015, 34(24), 3246-3280.
  • Gunzler DD Spilsbury JC Fu M Rose S Dawson NV Moore S Love TE Training a Nonclinician to Become a Leader in Transdisciplinary Clinical Research: Clinical Observerships. Int J Clin Biostat Biom 2015, 1:005.
  • Gunzler D Lu N Tang W Wu P Tu XM A Class of Distribution-free Models for Longitudinal Mediation Analysis. Psychometrika 2014, 17(4):543-568.

Biographical Info

I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Center for Health Care Research and Policy, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). I received a KL2 Award in 2013 through The Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC) affiliated with CWRU and its hospital affiliates. My KL2 research plan focuses on looking at depression issues in multiple sclerosis patients using structural equation modeling (SEM)-based methods. My methodological research has focused on SEM and longitudinal analysis, emphasizing mediation analysis, missing data, multi-level modeling, distribution-free models and their application to both clinical trials and observational studies. I have publications in a wide variety of statistical and medical journals and have lead the statistical analysis work for multiple studies of a broad range of clinical questions. I received my PhD from the Department of Biostatistics & Computational Biology at the University of Rochester in 2011.

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