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Carol E Blixen PhD

Senior Scholar, Center for Health Care Research and Policy and Adjunct Associate Professor of Psychiatry, CWRU



Notable Papers:

  • Blixen C, Levin J, Cassidy K, Perzynski A, & Sajatovic M. (2016) Coping strategies used by poorly adherent patients for self-managing bipolar disorder. Patient Preference and Adherence 10:1327-35 PMCID: PMC4966652
  • Blixen, C., Kanuch, S., Perzynski, A., Thomas, C., Dawson, N. & Sajatovic, M. (2016). Barriers to self- management of serious mental illness and diabetes. Am J Health Behav. 40(2):194-204. PMCID: PMC4928189
  • Blixen C, Bukach A, Perzynski A, Howland, M & Sajatovic, M. (2016). Patients’ perceptions of barriers to self-managing bipolar disorder: A qualitative Study. International Journal of Social Psychiatry DOI:10.117/00207664016666572
  • Perzynski, A., Blixen, C., Cage, J., Colon-Zimmerman, K. & Sajatovic, M. (2016). Informing Policy for Reducing Stroke Health Disparities from the Experience of African-American Male Stroke Survivors. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Disparities. DOI 10 1007/s40615—0171-2
  • Blixen, C., Perzynski, A., Cage, J., Smyth, K., Moore, S., Pundik, S., Sila, C., & Sajatovic, M. (2015). Using focus groups to inform the development of stroke recovery and prevention programs for younger African-American (AA) men. Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation 22(3):221-230. PMCID:PMC4722950

Biographical Info

Dr. Blixen is an applied behavioral researcher who employs both qualitative and quantitative approaches to examine the personal, behavioral, and sociocultural issues that impact patients’ access to health care and adherence to medical treatment. She is a co-investigator on multiple NIH funded research projects that focus on serious mental illness and co-morbid conditions (NIMH), and stroke disparities in the US and Africa (NINDS.)

Categories: Population Health, Senior Scholar