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Assistant Professor of Medicine and Sociology, Director, Patient-Centered Media Lab
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Notable Papers:

  • Perzynski AT, Blixen C, Cage J*, Zimmermann K, & Sajatovic M. (In Press). Informing Policy for Reducing Stroke Health Disparities from the Experience of African American Male Stroke Survivors: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.
  • Perzynski AT, Ramsey R, Zimmermann K, Cage J, Welter E & Sajatovic M. (In Press). Barriers and Facilitators to Self-management among Persons with Epilepsy that is Complicated by Mental Health Conditions or Acute Medical Events. Chronic Illness.
  • Perzynski AT, Roach MJ, Shick S, Callahan B, Gunzler D, Cebul R, Kaelber D, Huml A, Thornton JD, Einstadter D (In Progress). Broadband Internet Inequality and Adoption and Use of Personal Health Records. New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Taksler G, Perzynski A, Kattan M. (In Press). Modeling Individual Patient Preferences for Colorectal Cancer Screening Based on Their Tolerance for Complications Risk. Medical Decision Making.
  • Dalton JE, Perzynski AT, Zidar DA, Rothberg MB, Coulton CJ, Milinovich AT, Karichu J and Dawson NV. (Under Review). Neighborhood Deprivation is a Stronger Indicator of Atherosclerotic Risk than Clinical Measurements. New England Journal of Medicine.

Biographical Info

Dr. Perzynski is a sociologist. He specializes in medical sociology, life course studies, and research methods. He is interested in mixed methods research designs that combine diverse approaches from multiple disciplines. Dr. Perzynski also has interests in social informatics and social theory. His current research includes studies of lay people’s illness knowledge and of the connection between the social environment and health over the life course.

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