HIE Across Unaffiliated Systems Perceived as Cost-Saving but May be Inhibited by Financial Incentives and Market Competition.

By | December 6, 2013

Research conducted by Center faculty and Senior Scholars reported the early adoption and perceived benefits of health information exchange (HIE) across unaffiliated health care systems in the November 2013 issue of the American Journal of Managed Care. Over 9000 MetroHealth patients had data obtained from other hospitals and clinical practice sites during the first 7 months of HIE availability through EpicÕs Care Everywhere HIE system. As compared to patients for whom HIE was not requested, patients with HIE were older and had more medical conditions. By insurance type, commercially insured patients were least likely to have HIE requested. In a related survey, MetroHealth physicians reported that requesting outside clinical information was highly acceptable to patients and resulted in less redundant testing, reduced hospitalizations, and improved efficiency. ÒLower HIE use among commercially insured patients reinforces concerns raised by others that financial incentives and market competition may be inhibiting widespread useÓ said Center Director Randall Cebul, senior author on the report. ÒThis may slow the demonstration of HIEÕs benefits to patients and other payers for health care.ÓAmerican Journal of Managed Care