Federal Investment in Electronic Health Records Likely to Reap Returns in Quality of Care

By | September 12, 2011

`Dr.`Dr.`Dr.`Dr.Better Health Greater ClevelandÕs findings that compared achievement and improvement of its EHR-based and paper-based practices in diabetes care were published in a Special Article in the September 1st issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, reporting that patients in EHR practices achieved better and improved faster than those in paper practices. Co-authors of the publication include Center faculty members Randall Cebul, MD and Thomas Love, PhD, along with Drs. Anil Jain (Cleveland Clinic at the time the work was conducted) and Christopher Hebert (Kaiser Permanente-Ohio). Widespread media coverage has recognized the importance of this work in supporting federal initiatives to promote meaningful use of EHRs, especially in the context of quality improvement alliances such as Better HealthÕs. As Dr. Carolyn Clancy, director of the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, commented: ÒThe results of this study support both the value of electronic health records and community-based partnerships to improve quality of care.Ó(posted 9/2011)New England Journal of Medicine, commented,coverage