Study found that Standard Pancreas Function Test Can Be Completed in Less Time Easing Burden on Patients/Medical Staff

By | March 6, 2007

Clinical Research Scholars Program M.S. candidate, Tyler Stevens, M.D., led a team including Center researchers Steven Lewis, M.S., and Thomas Love, Ph.D. in the publication of ÒThe Efficiency of Endoscopic Pancreatic Function Testing is Optimized using Duodenal Aspirates at 30 and 45 minutes after Intravenous SecretinÓ in the February 2007 issue of The American Journal of Gastroenterology. The researchers studied whether a standard hour-long test of how well a personÕs pancreas is functioning could be completed more quickly in order to ease the burden on patients and medical staff. They found that the endoscopic secretin test can be completed in 45 minutes while still accurately measuring how well the pancreas is working to produce the insulin required to cover meals.(posted 3/2007) The American Journal of Gastroenterology