Alcohol consumption within the context of hepatitis C: a qualitative study of non-problematic drinkers.

By | September 8, 2006

Only 50% of non-problem drinkers with chronic hepatitis C who were interviewed followed the recommendation to abstain from all alcohol consumption, according to the results of a study written by Dr. Eleanor Palo Stoller, Center faculty member Dr. Neal Dawson, and Center researchers Adam Perzynski, Stephanie Kanuch and Noah Webster published in the on-line journal Alcohol and Alcoholism.

The study also found that interviewees who did drink often modified their behavior by changing the type of alcohol they consumed, or limiting drinking to particular occasions. Interviewees understood the risks of drinking after HCV infections. Interviewees identified triggers including social pressure and stressful situations in which support was needed to adhere to intentions not to drink. (posted 9/2006) Dr. Neal Dawson, Alcohol and Alcoholism, Stephanie Kanuch, Adam Perzynski, Noah Webster