Hispanic/Latino HIV Patient Program to Improve Medical CareCommunity Education

By | December 29, 2005

Dr. Ash Sehgal, Director of the Center for Reducing Healthcare Disparities, received a $60,000 grant from the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland (ATGC) in September to provide better medical access and education to Hispanic/Latino persons with HIV. The goal of this three year commitment is to improve the medical outcomes for Hispanic/Latino persons living with HIV/AIDS in northeast Ohio. Hispanic/Latino people living with HIV, especially those with difficulty speaking and reading English, access HIV care and treatment services at lower rates than their European-American counterparts. Hispanic/Latino people with HIV have comparatively higher levels of HIV morbidity and mortality. These disparities hold true both nationally and locally. The program, entitled Mas Vida (ÒMore LifeÓ) initiative, is a partnership between the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland (ATGC), and the HIV Unit at MetroHealth Medical Center. The program will provide HIV Hispanic/Latino persons with bilingual services such as social workers in clinics and community programming. It will also facilitate the development of community partnerships including ATGC, MetroHealth Medical Center, and a range of community organizations and groups serving the northeast Ohio Hispanic/Latino communities. (posted 12/2005)Dr. Ash Sehgal