Andrew O`Connor, DO, MPH, awarded Pfizer Scholars Grant in Clinical Epidemiology to Study the Role of Chronic Lead Exposure in Diabetic Kidney Disease

By | April 12, 2005

Center faculty member Andrew O`Connor will undertake a 3-year project to investigate the role of chronic environmental lead toxicity as a factor in the progression of diabetic nephropathy. The research will take advantage of a longitudinal cohort of over 300 diabetic subjects who are being recruited to study genetic factors in diabetic kidney disease. Rather than using blood lead levels, lead exposure will be measured using a novel radiologic technique that allows quantification of long term lead exposure. Decline in kidney function will be assessed annually in the cohort. This will be the first study to examine the role of ambient low level environmental lead toxicity as a factor in chronic diabetic kidney disease. O`Connor`s application ranked first in a nationwide competition for the 3-year career development award, given to two junior medical school faculty each year.Andrew O`Connor