Irene Katzan MD, MS, Director of the Center`s Stroke Outcomes Research Program (SORP) recently received a Career Development Award

By | February 2, 2003

Irene Katzan received a career development award from the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) to study pneumonia after stroke, a frequent and serious medical complication. The award, in the amount of $745,000 will provide funding for 5 years through 2008 to evaluate the predictors, preventability of pneumonia after stroke and its impact on outcomes. Seventeen hospitals in Northeastern Ohio will be participating.

“I am thrilled about this wonderful opportunity,” said Katzan, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Director of SORP at MetroHealth. “This study will provide the framework for future community-based projects and initiatives designed to optimize stroke care.” The award will also provide an opportunity for comprehensive training in resarch techniques used in health services research.Stroke Outcomes Research Program (SORP)