The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports CWRU with a study examining Substance Abuse Disorders (SUD).

By | August 1, 2002

Neal Dawson, MD recently was named as Principal Investigator on a grant entitled “Increasing Substance Abuse Screening and Referral Rates in an Independent Practice Association.”

“We are excited about having the opportunity to address this important issue in the primary care portion of a large health care system said Dawson, professor of medicine at CWRU at Metrohealth. “Doctors often fail to suspect substance abuse in their patients.” By examining three methods of selecting groups for screening and comparing three methods of reducing substance use or obtaining appropriated treatment, Dawson said “we may help improve health outcomes amongst patients who receive care in health systems.”

The study, conducted at Kaiser Permanente was awarded $350,000 and will go through December 2003.Robert Wood Johnson Foundation